Another use of integer scaling is if you’re playing a modern game on a 4K monitor, but don’t want the performance hit of 4K. At that point, set the game’s resolution to 1080p and enable integer scaling for a surprisingly crisp image . This one’s either for those with powerful GPUs or those who want to make less demanding games look very crisp. People on higher refresh-rate monitors have reported that this feature can cause crashes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Anti-Lag works best with games where every millisecond of response time counts . Press Ctrl + Shift + O to bring up your performance overlay in-game, which will show you all that vital information.

The introduction of multi-render technologies also means single-card setups can run VR more effectively too. It is worth noting that overclocking may hinder your computer’s performance in the long term and will generally decrease the lifespan of your components. The safe bet is to always avoid overclocking and deal with a little bit of slowness as this process doesn’t work miracles. If you’re aiming for an incredibly smooth gaming experience but you just can’t break the 60 FPS barrier, make sure that your monitor is built to facilitate higher frame rates.

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In some games, there will be an option for displaying connection information as an overlay. If you are experiencing a lot of packet loss and a high ping, then you should consider improving internet quality. I hopped into Fortnite settings and clicked “Auto-Set Quality” and after a restart, everything was working perfectly. Multiple people I know have had the same issue and this adjustment has drastically improved their game too.

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Users benefit from having a utility program in that it can detect and repair these errors, improving the overall performance of your computer. In the Download, Support or Driver section, you may be asked to put in the Product Type, Product Series, Product, Operating System and Language of the drivers you’re looking for.

Naturally, I turned all my graphical settings down to improve performance. I tried literally everything in this article (hence why I’m writing it) and still nothing was working. On a similar note, if you’re talking to friends/colleagues while using your computer, using a communication software that demands less processing power will also improve performance.

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For example, use TeamSpeak instead of Discord as the latter is more demanding on the CPU. The driver can be downloaded from Intel’s website, and it’s available in both .exe and .zip formats, for those that prefer installing via Device Manager. Hardware requirements are, per usual, unchanged from the previous versions. Sixth-generation Intel Core processors and higher are supported, in addition to related Xeon and Pentium processors with the same GPU. The Intel Xeon E3-1500M v5 family with Intel HD Graphics P530 is also supported, as are Pentium processors with Intel HD Graphics 500 and 505 as well as UHD Graphics 600 and 605. In terms of software, you’ll need to be running Windows 10 version 1709 or newer to use the latest driver.

Monitoring GPU temperature is particularly important if you’re overclocking. Once you start hitting the high 80s, it’s probably time to start reeling it back in. These tools also have the ability to optimise the settings of your Windows environment.

The sluggish performance of your computer could be due to a poorly configured operating system. With these utility tools, they are able to evaluate your Windows session, and point out which settings you should enable and which ones you should disable. Data corruption within the registry is fairly common, which is the result of repeated installing and uninstalling of programs.

Following are a number of tips that I have personally used to improve my gaming experience. It comes with a tweaking tool that fine-tunes Windows settings as well as a diagnostic tool for analyses other problems your PC has. Of course, for gamers having more RAM is one of the first thing that’s recommended to do if you want to upgrade your computer. This just gives you a lot more space to use within your memory, and when you’re using a large sized program, it pays to have more RAM. These are the three best ways to increase fps for free, which should affect your gaming in a positive way. Of course, you could consider getting a new monitor, CPU or GPU too. Turn your resolution down – The quickest and easiest way for you to increase your fps is by turning down the resolution that you’re currently using on your monitor.